Zeb Smith, CPA

“Ascent is the climb to the top. I’m an avid hiker, runner, and hunter. Sure, all of these activities can be done alone but they are often more enjoyable when I surround myself with stronger people who share similar passions. It’s these people who push me to achieve more, be a better person and advisor, and climb higher.”

Zeb has a bachelor’s in business administration and is certified in public accounting. This powerful combination provides for a well-rounded approach to help you manage your business.

“We are accomplished dreamers, just like you. My team and I have dedicated our lives to helping you make your dreams a reality.”


Jenny Goessel

Jenny loves tending to her bees, floating the grand canyon, and wandering our nation’s public lands with her pup.

Jenny has an extensive bookkeeping and CFO background. She started her first bookkeeping business in 2001 which evolved into a financial director role at an international consulting firm as well as a national non-profit organization. Jenny is a registered tax return preparer which gives her that added edge when performing bookkeeping and advisory services.

Jenny has earned a reputation for competence, integrity, and humor. You’ll love working with her on a regular basis!


Christine Harroun

Christine loves chasing high-alpine elk and riding her mountain bike through the rolling hills of Colorado and Utah. You’ll even find Christine tacking the daily WOD at our local gym ‘just to stay in shape’ and to connect with other members of our incredible community.

Her involvement with Ascent goes ‘beyond the books’ where she focuses on market research, client enrichment, and team development.

She keeps our ship on track and ensures Ascent’s efforts are in-line with customer needs and stimulates the needed changes as your needs change.


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