Business Transformation Starts With YOU

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to grow your business to better meet your personal and quality of life goals?

  • Do you want your business profits to support your financial needs?

  • Do you want to better position your business to thrive with your limited involvement?

If you answered ‘yes’ to each of these questions, then you are in the right place.

I invite you to join me on your business transformation and discover how to grow a profitable business that thrives with your limited involvement. 

“Transforming a business is like going on an adventure. To have a good experience you need to envision what to expect, map the route, and hire the right guides. Obstacles will pop-up along your path, small route changes will be made, and you’ll document everything to share with others. You’ll connect with new people and proudly tell the story. At the end of the adventure, you’ll have a positive experience that sticks with you for a lifetime.”

Zeb Smith, CPA

A note from Zeb:

You seek to transform your business into a profitable operation that thrives with your limited involvement. I’m here to be your financial expert and help you do just this.

Through a combination of business planning, financial analysis, and efforts to streamline operations,  we will transform your business into a thriving and profitable machine that supports you and makes your dreams a reality.

We will discover specific and targeted financial strategies appropriate for you. We will check-in with each other to monitor the progress of your adopted strategies. Our meeting frequency will be driven by the strategies selected and the speed at which you desire to transform your business.

At some point, you will experience growing pains or you will wish to remove yourself from operations. During these times, you may request I jump-in and function as your Virtual CFO.

Three Stages To Business Transformation

There are three stages to grow a profitable and thriving business.

  • Stage 1: Discovery

  • Stage 2: Adoption

  • Stage 3: Virtual CFO

Stage 1: Discovery

Discovery is where we investigate your current situation, review historical financial health, and assess your systems. At the end of our discovery you will have a plan for the future and a roadmap to get you there. All roadmaps are uniquely designed for each business however most include reports, exercises, suggested training, and much more.

Discover The Possibilities

  • Articulate your vision
  • Capture your financial needs
  • Understand your financial health
  • Use target metrics to improve profits
  • Assess your financial systems for growth
  • Leverage your team to thrive

At the completion of our discovery, you will have a clearer understanding of your business’s financial health and suggestions on how to make your business better. You will be a more informed business owner and have a map to follow on your continued business adventure.

Book a discovery call to start the conversation, shoot me a message with your questions, or read more about Stage 2: Adoption.

Stage 2: Adoption

Following discovery we will adopt the mapped out strategies. This is when transformation comes to fruition! We will establish a meeting frequency to keep you on track. Depending on the complexities of the adopted strategies, the speed at which you want your transformation to evolve, and your budget; we will meet monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

Every business transformation is different and follows its own path. Like any adventure, obstacles will pop-up, route changes will be made, and forward progress will be taken in strides. We need to be mobile and move with your business transformation. The adoption stage is designed and executed with this in mind. 

Are you curious as to which frequency is a fit for you? Take this 25-point self-assessment  today.

Stage 3: Virtual CFO

There will be instances throughout the transformation in which you choose to utilize my expertise and request I jump-in as your Virtual CFO.

This occurs when one of two things happen:

  • A challening obstacle presents itself and you need my help.

  • You’ve grown to the point where financial management needs delegated to further thrive.

When either occurs, I’ll have the familiarity with you, your business, and your operations to easily step in as your Virtual CFO. We will look at your situation, evaluate your needs, and adopt a change order to our already existing service agreement. 

Let’s start with a conversation. Book your discovery call with Zeb.

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Erick, Ice Pirates Backcountry Adventures

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Mike, American Adventure Expeditions

“Zeb helped me generate an additional $131,274 in profit this year.”

David, Durango Rivertrippers

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