Below is information on my recurring professional services.

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Recurring Professional Services

Every business transformation is different and follows its own path. Like any adventure, obstacles will pop-up, route changes will be made, and forward progress will be taken in strides.

We need to be mobile and move with your business transformation.

My recurring professional services are designed with this in mind.

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All of my recurring service options include:
  • Business Planning: Ensures your business’s future is in-line with your personal goals. Happy life!

  • Benchmarks: Keeps your business on track and identifies any anomalies before problems arise. Stress-free!

  • Report Analysis: Monitoring to help you make informed decisions. That was easy!

A few benefits which differentiate my services from other professionals include:

  • A single fixed-fee price with no annual contract. You can cancel at any time.

  • Ease of monthly payments to smooth out business cash flow. Great for planning.

  • Unlimited phone & email support. No surprise bills!

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Change Orders

There may be times when you choose to further utilize my expertise and request I jump-in as your Virtual CFO.

This occurs when one of three things happen:

  • A challenging obstacle presents itself and you need additional help.

  • You’ve grown to the point where financial management needs to be handled by a pro.

  • You’d simply like to delegate so you can spend your time outside doing what you love most.

When any of these occur we will evaluate your needs and adopt a change order to our already existing service agreement. It’s that simple!

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“In just one season, Zeb helped me generate an additional $131,274 in net profits.”

David, Durango Rivertrippers

“Zeb has helped us gain a complete grasp of our financial picture and build some certainty into a historically unpredictable business.”

Amber & Mike, American Adventure Expeditions

“Zeb has been an enormous help in managing my business. I feel great because of him!”

Erick, Rock Pirates Backcountry Adventure Tours & Rentals

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