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I am Zeb Smith, CPA and I help grow profitable & thriving outfits through strategic planning & financial analysis.

I work closely with outfits just like yours – so I know exactly what you need to succeed.

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As your growth guide & financial expert, my objectives are to help you:

  • Grow a profitable outfit that delivers year-round financial stability.

  • Provide confidence knowing your outfit will thrive through any bad season.

  • Structure your finances so you can spend less time in the office and more time outside.

Your metrics tell a story, and listening to your story is how we guide your business transformation.

If you want to grow a profitable and thriving outfit, then I invite you to complete this service form today. Tell me a little about yourself, your business goals, and let us discover how we can get you to where you want to go.

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Grow. Profit. Thrive.

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“In just one season, Zeb helped me generate an additional $131,274 in net profits.”

David, Durango Rivertrippers

“Zeb has helped us gain a complete grasp of our financial picture and build some certainty into a historically unpredictable business.”

Amber & Mike, American Adventure Expeditions

“Zeb has been an enormous help in managing my business. I feel great because of him!”

Erick, Rock Pirates Backcountry Adventure Tours & Rentals
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