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We are here to empower YOU, the owner and ultimate decision maker of your business. We will provide you with the tools, and the knowledge, to help you run your business by:

  • Leveraging predictive analytics to coach you through dynamic business planning cycles

  • Proactively interpreting and leveraging data to provide actionable management advice

  • Maintaining accurate financial and business performance data

  • Mentoring you to lead teams and manage your business

Learn How These Initiatives Will Help You Make Your Dreams A Reality

“The Ascent team really know their stuff. They do a great job looking at the big picture of your business… I’d recommend them without hesitation!”

- Priority Financial Partners ownership

Our Promise

Our promise is to do everything we can to help you manage your business. We will do so in a team-based environment where we work with you – as partners and advisers.

Our diverse backgrounds provide a well-balanced approach to Ascent’s areas of expertise. We have extensive and diverse backgrounds in managing financially healthy businesses.

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Communication Is Key

No relationship ended because of good communication. Use the links below to keep in contact, follow our pages, rate our services and provide feedback.

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“The perfect accounting practice embraces an industry specialization, coupled with practice-wide standardization and process automation, to efficiently generate accurate, real-time financial information that empowers the practice to move beyond historically-focused work and to embrace a business coaching model that increases the clients’ wealth and ultimately leads to small business transformation.”

- Joe Woodard

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you achieve your dreams is our passion. Accounting and bookkeeping is just the trade we chose along the way. Out of all the business professions (sales, marketing, management, compliance, etc.), accountants and bookkeepers are best positioned to know the inner-workings of your business. Heck, we see your business’s activity at the finest details and highest levels. We see how all parts of the business work with each other and can interpret the financial language to tell you the story. Plus, we care for our clients and want to see you succeed. If you don’t succeed, then we’ve failed. After all, Ascent’s mission is to help you make your dreams a reality.

There are a few indicators to help you determine when a responsibility should be delegated:

    • Do you love the task at hand?
    • Is this task the best application of your strengths?
    • Is this task protecting the main purpose of your business?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then it needs to be delegated ASAP. Remember, there’s someone out there who loves doing what you despise and will often do it at a price less than it’s currently costing you.

Delegation is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We’d love to help you identify, analyze, and plan to delegate ANY responsibility within your business. We’ll help you do it in a way that will propel you forward (and not set you back).

Ascent’s approach is to listen first and provide services second. Most accountants and bookkeepers make accounting and bookkeeping the priority without looking beyond their services; neglecting your dreams, vision, better interests, and the other elements of your business. We’ve built Ascent’s services to start with your dreams, help you articulate your vision, communicate it with your team, and let it drive your business. Rather than other accountants and bookkeepers who look at the numbers first and tell you how to run your business in a way that dictates your dreams.

We understand running a business is challenging and sometimes scary. As the owner, you are responsible for overseeing all aspects of your business and responsible for its financial success (and pitfalls) as well.
We’re human, just like you. We have emotions, just like you. We don’t know everything, just like you.
If you’re struggling with something, give us a call, and we’ll hear you out. If our expertise can help with your struggle, then we’ll build a service to help with your struggle and bring peace of mind. If we can’t help with your particular issue, then we’ll help find someone that can.

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