The Durango Business Influencers (DBI) is a platform for influential business professionals to:

Promote our businesses

Educate each other on trends, topics, issues, and best practices in our chosen professions

Offer guidance and support

Provide quality referrals

Lead by example and

Engage with our community

“Heads for business. Hearts for Durango.”

Let’s talk about how you can better influence Durango’s business community as one of our premier professionals.

Annual investment to be a group member is:

$4,560 paid monthly ($380/mon) OR

$3,560 paid up-front

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The Need

Our Response

The Durango Business Influencers (DBI) are a relief to the Durango suppression. We are a group of business professionals who strive to serve and educate our community’s business owners. Our influences help Durango’s business community reverse the turmoil often experienced by local Entrepreneurs.

Our clients will no longer bow to the hardships of business ownership, especially the additional stresses of a seasonal mountain town, but rather stand tall and proud for they will make dreams reality as a direct effort of our influences.

Our group provides a platform for growing business professionals to educate one another about business trends, topics, issues, and best practices in each of our chosen professions; promote our businesses as well as the businesses of our fellow members; engage with our community; and lead by example in adopting modern business practices, technologies, and techniques.

Ask yourself, do these traits fit you? 

  • Do you have a passion for what you do?
  • Do you care about the growth and prosperity of our community?
  • Do you have a desire to influence the Durango business community?
  • Would you consider your business ‘current’ with best practices and modern techniques?
  • Do you understand modern technologies and embrace them within your business?
  • Do you promote and integrate modern technologies to serve your clientele?
  • Is your business in ‘growth mode’?
  • Are you accepting new business?
  • Are you open to giving and receiving quality referrals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these traits, then you are a match for the Durango Business Influencers. We would love to invite you into our group, learn from you, share our expertise, and together we will influence Durango’s business community.

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Highest Standard

Our group is by invite only. We are comprised of twelve to sixteen members. Evenly split between men and women.

Our membership is professionally diversified with no more than two practitioners for each core function of business:

Human resources, marketing and promotion, customer service support, sales, accounting, finance, research & development, administration, management, operations, information technology, legal, etc.

Member Perks

We have one meeting per month on every 3rd Wednesday at 11 am.

  • Meetings are in-person.
  • All meetings are recorded.
    • Media files are distributed to all attendees and available for download for 30 days.
  • Each month’s meeting is coordinated on Meetup.
    • Location is determined based on confirmed attendance.
    • Members can ‘host’ meetings at their request.
  • On occasion, we invite guest speakers (Authors, Chamber, SBDC, Alliance, Local First, Etc.).
    • Each guest speaker is invited based on current issues and at the interest of the membership.

We host a private Facebook group in which members share success stories, pain points, helpful links, resources, and local issues.

  • We engage with each other in a friendly and non-judgmental environment.

At the interest of the membership, we may do up to two ‘community involvement’ efforts annually as chosen by the members.

  • The efforts are documented by local videographers.
  • Media files are distributed to members and can be used for their own marketing purposes.

Although not required, members may choose to engage socially as a group such as a softball team.

  • Hint, hint. 😉

Referral program: Refer three influencers and get a $300 credit applied to your dues!

  • Did you pre-pay for the full year? Not a problem, we’ll issue you a check.
    • That’s a potential $1,300 savings and a 100% boost to your profits. Living by example!

Example Meeting Topics

  • Defining the owner’s Ultimate Dream and how it sets the stage for their business.
  • Not all decisions have to be Tough Decisions. In fact, most tough decisions could have been anticipated or avoided entirely. In this topic, we address the two issues that cause tough decision making and deliver steps necessary to make those tough decisions, easy.
  • Delegating is not assigning tasks but rather assigning responsibility and the authority to make decisions. We will learn how to determine when something should be delegated and effectively getting it off your plate.
  • Profitability is not just a dream but a reality that can be achieved today. We will dive into the three steps to ensure better profitability in your business.
  • Your Accountabilibuddy can be your spouse, best friend, or trusted advisory. Why it’s important to have one and how to lean on them to hold yourself accountable.
  • Imagine a world in which you cut the number of customers you serve in half and double your top-line revenues. Does this sound like a fallacy? Believe us, it’s not. You just need to define and multiply your Ideal Customer.
  • We’ve all heard about Value Billing and know we need to implement it in our business. But how? It’s honestly quite simple and requires only these few steps.
  • Much more!

Free Bonus Perk

Members can share ‘free advice’ on Ascent’s Take Action Today business education series. These videos are:

  • 90 sec – 5 min long depending on the topics presented.
  • Inexpensive and high-impact promotional opportunity to engage in future business.
  • Considered highly valuable by the Durango business community.

The videos will be distributed to the respective DBI member for their own marketing purposes as well as published on Ascent’s social media platforms. There is no limit to the number of videos recorded or topics discussed; as long as the topic fits DBI’s core traits.

Frequently Asked Questions

BNI opens their membership to all businesses. We restrict our membership to owners, or senior managers, of professional service businesses. Doing so ensures high-quality referrals coming from high-caliber business professionals.

We will record the education and Q&A portions of each meeting. The recording will be uploaded to Dropbox and will be available for download until the next DBI meeting. Feel free to send a representative of your business on your behalf.

The meeting is one hour and broken into 15min blocks:

  • 1st quarter – Network & get settled
  • 2nd quarter – Education session presented by one of the members
  • 3rd quarter – Q&A about the topic presented
  • 4th quarter – News announcements, success stories, next meeting’s topic, next meeting’s location, etc.

No worries at all. Just let us know. Every member is encouraged to try it out for three months. If you determine the group isn’t a fit we will reimburse you for the ‘un-earned’ portion of your membership. Please continue to spread the good word about our organization so we can continue to provide a positive impact on our community.

“The Durango Business Influencers helped me take my business to the next level. The members of this group truly are the upper-echelon of business professionals.”

“I’ve been waiting for a group like this in Durango. There’s no doubt this group has helped me develop as a leader and an influencer.”

Grow. Profit. Thrive.

Are You Ready?

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