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Helping you achieve your dreams is our passion. Accounting and bookkeeping is just the trade we chose along the way. Out of all the business professions (sales, marketing, management, compliance, etc.) accountants and bookkeepers are positioned to best know all the innerworkings of your business because we see the activity every day. We see how all parts of the business work with each other and can interpret the financial language to tell you the story. Plus, we care for our clients and want to see them succeed. If a client doesn’t succeed, then we failed that client. This equation is Ascent’s mission to help you achieve your dreams.
  • There are a few indicators to help you determine when a responsibility should be delegated:
    • Do you love the task at hand?
    • Is this task the best application of your strengths?
    • Is this task protecting the main purpose of your business?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then it needs to be delegated ASAP. Remember, there’s someone out there who loves doing what you despise and will often do it at a price less than it’s currently costing you.

Delegation is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We’d love to help you identify, analyze, budget, and plan to delegate ANY responsibility within your business. And then do it in a way that will only propel you forward (and not set you back). Let’s start with your accounting.

Ascent’s priority is to support and assist you. Most accountants and bookkeepers make accounting and bookkeeping the priority without looking beyond the accounting and bookkeeping functions; neglecting other necessary functions of your business. We’ve built Ascent to look at your situation holistically and provide services that fit your unique needs; ensuring our services support you in running your business.

We understand running a business is challenging and sometimes scary. You’re responsible for overseeing all aspects of your business and responsible for its financial success (and pitfalls) as well. We’re human, just like you, we have emotions, just like you, and we don’t know everything, just like you. If you’re struggling with something, come to us, and we’ll help if it fits without our wheelhouse or we’ll help find someone that can. If anything, we’ll gladly be your resource hub supporting your success.