Cleanup Services

Cleanup services are often the last resort. Hopefully we’ve already looked-into the DIY Support Services and determined a cleanup was necessary OR you just know your QuickBooks account is royally F’d. Cleanup may be needed for many reasons:

  • There are unrecognizable accounts and balances on the balance sheet
  • Your QuickBooks reports do not tie-out to your tax returns
  • It’s simply just a mess

Whatever the reason, it’s beyond your control and you need help getting things back in order.

Never fear! Team Ascent is here! We are experts in QuickBooks and can usually get to the root of the problem (or problems) and will help you make corrective actions, so it doesn’t happen again. We offer three options to help balance your needs, complexities, and budget. Most cleanups require training after the cleanup is complete (especially if you take-on the bookkeeping for yourself). OR you can utilize our bookkeeping services if you just want to hand it off to the professionals and never have to worry about QuickBooks again.

Cleanup could have been avoided with proper training in the first place. It is often daunting, can be a bit scary, and with the proper training will be totally avoidable in the future. So don’t worry, we have you covered.

To alleviate the often high-cost burden associated with Cleanup, Ascent offers a high-volume discount for 6+ months of cleanup and/or a multi-service discount if you sign-up for recurring bookkeeping services after the cleanup. Let’s chat about these options before getting started.

Cleanup Services


  • 30 min intro meeting
  • Assesment to identify errors
  • 30 min cleanup game plan meeting
  • High-level instruction for cleanup
  • Professional cleanup
  • Reconcile to statements
  • Reconcile to third-party reports
  • Before and after reports
  • Training videos created for you
  • Three months support

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