It is a stressful job growing and managing a successful adventure business:
  • Your revenues are significantly impacted by the weather and year-by-year government changes.

  • You are exposed to numerous potential lawsuits that lead to restless nights and sky high insurance costs.

  • You need to hire and train a fresh crop of employees and guides each season.

  • & the list goes on…

With so much to manage, how can you expect to find the time and energy to take care of your finances as well?

As your CFO, my job is to do the stuff you know needs to be done but never do.

And to do it in a way that will grow your business and boost profits.

Some of the specific responsibilities I can assume are:

  • Research and recommendations for future growth and investments.

  • Discover how to effectively increase revenue, save money, and improve profits.

  • Prepare, interpret, and present your financial reports to third parties who need this info.

  • Set up processes and systems to hold you accountable for the success of your business.

  • Create a cohesive synergy between all components of your business finances: accounting, reporting, investing, purchasing, pricing, legal & tax, and more.

I am the #1 professional on your team who understands your industry, am a certified sounding board to discuss strategic ideas, and the best person to help make your toughest decisions easy.

I take the stress out of managing your finances and your business.

“Zeb has helped us gain a complete grasp of our financial picture and build certainty into a historically unpredictable business.”

Mike, American Adventure Expeditions

Mike’s experience & how my CFO program has helped him.

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I would like to invite you to download my e-book, 13 Key Metrics To Grow A Profitable Adventure Business.

In it are the key metrics, figures, and ratios you need to grow, profit, and thrive. These are the same key metrics used by my clients who improve profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars in single seasons. 

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“If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail!”

 – Abraham Maslow

“In just one season, Zeb helped me generate an additional $131,274 in net profits.”

David, Durango Rivertrippers

“Zeb has been an enormous help in managing my business. I feel great because of him!”

Erick, Rock Pirates Backcountry Adventure Tours & Rentals
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