“Ascent is the climb to the top.  Whether I’m helping owners navigate their business adventure or trailblazing timberline on my owner personal adventure, the active ascent keeps me moving forward. I’m extremely grateful for the owners who invite me to join on their business adventure.”

Zeb Smith, CPA

Advisor & Adventurer

Hello! Here is a little about me.

I am an outdoorsy family guy. From weekend camp trips with my son to backcountry hunts with my fiance; it is these adventures that serve my passion in life.

My purpose is to help adventure tourism owners run sustainable, efficient, and profitable businesses. I essentially help you, and your whole team, work less hard, make more money, and deliver incredible customer experiences in line with your core beliefs.

Through industry-friendly strategic planning and financial management practices built for boom & bust seasons – My expertise will help you manage your business to weather any stormy disruption; build a team of employee ‘owners’ invested in growing your vision, promoting your mission, and achieving goals; and set you up for financial success in the short, mid, and long terms.

I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant who works exclusively with adventure tour operators and I speak regularly at tourism conferences across the nation. This means I am a leading expert in business management, business finances, and a qualified guide to help you on your business journey – Outfitters and Guides have even coined me as “The Guides’ Guide.”

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