“Ascent is the climb to the top.  Whether I’m helping owners navigate their business adventure or trailblazing timberline on my owner personal adventure, the active ascent keeps me moving forward. I’m extremely grateful for fellow entrepreneurs who share their passion and invite me to join their adventure. It’s you who motivate me to achieve more, be a better person and advisor, and climb higher.”

Zeb Smith, CPA

Adventurer, Life Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Advisor.

Hello! Here is a little about me.

I am a die-hard adventurer. From weekend hikes with my family to backcountry hunting trips in the fall; it is these adventures that serve my passion in life.

My purpose is to provide financial services to other adventurous entrepreneurs. Doing so gives me the freedom to pursue my passion and allows me to help others with similar interests.

I am a licensed CPA.  This means I am a leading expert in business finance and a qualified guide to help you on your business journey.

I invite you to browse and learn more about how you can grow a profitable and thriving adventure business. If at any point you decide you want me to work with me, then please complete a service form.

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