Mike’s Impact Report:

More Time Spent With Family & $120k Add’l Net Profit!

Imagine owning a summer season business and spending every weekend at work while your family enjoys their summer vacation.

Sound all too familiar? It was for Mike, too. Until this past summer at least.

✨ This year Mike achieved something great! 💸

Despite the many reasons to buckle-down and work double-time during Covid, 2020 was the first summer in Mike’s 15 years of owing his outfit that he took-off every weekend to spend time with his family.

He hiked, camped, and fished all summer with his kids… Something he had never done before.

Not only did he gain-back his weekends, but he also made improvements that resulted in an overall (& intentional) 20% drop in sales volume and an impressive $120k increase to net profits.

Mike effectively worked less and got paid more! A lot more! 

Mike will use these additional funds to pay for a portion of his new home & is stoked for future seasons.

Here is a quick video of us discussing his season & what we did to deliver such amazing results.
Check it out to learn how you can do this in your business too.

Please join me in congratulating Mike on this incredible achievement! 👏

Check out my “Profits for a Purpose” initiative to discover the most efficient ways to improve your profits & make the world a better place too.

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