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“Ascent’s mission is to help you
make your dreams a reality.”

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You started your business because you had a dream. Are you on track to making your dream a reality? Or has your dream taken a back seat to ‘business’?

We’re here to provide you with the knowledge so you can run your business the way you want to run it.

With services ranging from start-up assistance to recurring CFO-level services, every initiative is built and executed with your vision in mind.

Our successes are measured by your successes – so let us help you!

Your Dreams Are Our Priority

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A few ‘symptoms’ often experienced by clients are:

  • Less stress

  • More time with family

  • Stable owner pay (all year)

  • Improved profits

  • Freedom to do what they LOVE to do

Imagine what we can do for you…

The first step in making your dream a reality is to share it with us. Let’s start the conversation!

“Ascent has taken the stress out of understanding our business’s finances and brought the reassurance we were looking for. Their attention to detail and advisory skillsets exceeds anyone we’ve worked with prior. We feel at ease now.

Ownership, Le Platt's Pond

“The Ascent team is very professional and has been there for me and my small business. Their advice have helped my business grow in the best way possible! I 100% recommend Ascent Accounting and Consulting, LLC!”

Ownership, The Zen Den

“Ascent has been an enormous help in managing the finances of our business. They helped us clean up our records and create systems that fit within our management style to help us stay organized. I highly recommend their services!”

Ownership, Albrechta & Albrechta, LLC

Your Dream is Near

Articulate your purpose, work with intention, anticipate the future, make informed decisions, and experience what it’s like to live out your dream!

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Ascent offers an expert’s perspective that will keep you on track.


Ascent delivers financial insights on a recurring and timely basis to monitor your business and anticipate the future.


Properly recording your financial transactions today will best prepare you for tomorrow.


QuickBooks is one of many resources available to capture your business’s financial activity.

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