Startup Advisory services are for businesses less than 10yrs in operations. You are most likely a first-time business owner and have a handful of questions about starting a business or you’re a tenured startup mastermind and want some insight into how this new business may affect you. We offer three affordable options giving you a crash-course in the most commonly asked about topics of starting and growing a startup business.

Note, to properly evaluate your situation and deliver insight appropriate for your unique situation, each service includes the following three stages:

  • Discovery: A one-on-one meeting where you expose all questions, concerns, and relevant information about your business.
  • Development: Work performed by the Ascent team to accumulate the resources and information to address items from Discovery.
  • Delivery: One-on-one meetings where we deliver the information accumulated for you and provide guidance for implementation. 

Following Delivery is Implementation. Generally, most owners who purchase the Start-Up Advisory services will implement our suggestions on their own. However, on occasion, owners will hire our team for additional QuickBooks Support or Bookkeeping services.

Start-up Advisory


  • One-hour discovery session
  • Target profibility metrics
  • Income tax – what to know
  • Recordkeeping – what to know
  • Cash management strategies
  • Other useful info discovered
  • One-hour delivery sessions

Plan for Growth

  • 2

Stay Compliant

  • 1


“Zeb is a thorough business advisor. I am grateful for the insights he was able to uncover throughout the advisory process.”

Ownership, The Tax Butler

“The team at Ascent has been an asset in streamlining our business accounting. They have been extremely helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend hiring Ascent for your accounting and business consulting needs.”

“Very satisfied. I met with Ascent and in just one meeting we re-strategized my efforts. I’m way more confident as an owner/operator and the future because of Ascent’s insight.”

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