“Surely ghosts will follow wherever there is bad record keeping.”

   – Colin Dickey (author)

Our most basic services will get you by. Our reactive services will make you more aware. Our proactive services will make your dreams a reality.

QuickBooks is one of many resources available to capture your business’s financial activity. When utilized correctly it:

  • Can track your customer activity, report what’s due, and help speed-up cash collections
  • Reduces tax obligations by tracking allowable business deductions
  • Provides invaluable historical records to evaluate your profitability

When utilized incorrectly, most business owners experience costly issues such as:

  • Customer payments slip through the cracks resulting in burnt customer relationships
  • Business deductions are missed resulting in high tax bills
  • Financial negligence driving a potentially profitable business into the dirt

Your business is unique and therefore requires a unique accounting system designed for your business. We can help you build an appropriate and effective accounting system for your unique business.

QuickBooks Services

You are a business owner and probably responsible for everything in your business (marketing, sales, doing the customer work, office stuff, paying bills, collecting customer payments, etc). As a result, your time is HIGHLY VALUABLE. You:

  • May not have the time to do all the research and training to become an accountant or QuickBooks specialist.
  • If you do have the time, you may decide to take it on for yourself but just need some help disseminating all your options and engaging only efforts applicable to you.
  • Or, you’ve started the process and need some help fine-tuning the last steps.

Regardless of where you’re at, we can help bring peace-of-mind to your QuickBooks recording needs.

We offer four types of QuickBooks Services, all with customizable sub-options within each Service:

Every initiative can be customized for you. Give us a call so we can build a service to match your unique needs.

Examples of QuickBooks Support Services:


Desktop v Online

Company Settings


Reconciling balances



Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunities of scale. By selecting one software we can become experts in that software, provide better customer service to our clients, find ways to work efficiently and effectively within the software, and pass the savings along to our clients.

Yes, if first service has not been performed then we can apply your purchase as a credit to a new service. Your best bet is to call our team and talk it over with us. We’re always happy to talk through these questions with our clients.

However, our clients find this offering HIGHLY VALUABLE because it allows them the opportunity to call and ask questions after their initial service. Plus, they have also found it to be a less expensive option than having to select and sign-up for an entirely new service later in the year.

One-off trainings are at premium hourly rates and often require us to investigate your issue, develop instructions unique to you, and then train you in-person or virtually. If this is the case, you’re best off doing the advanced training (because most questions are addressed there) and then asking us to build training materials unique to your business if more guidance is needed at that time.

Cleanup requires a thorough investigation into your account. Most of the time it requires us to make-sense of the errors made, determining if the errors were consistently applied or not, brainstorming a game-plan on fixing the errors, often removing every occurrence of the items recorded, and then finally recording the correct entries.

Absolutely you could. If the cleanup assessment determines there are a lot of errors made, dating back many months, requiring a lot of entries to be deleted, and then adding correct entries, you may be better off just creating a new QuickBooks account.

“Very satisfied. Met with Ascent and in just one meeting they helped me re-strategize my vision to become a more successful business. I’m feeling confident about the future because of their advice. “

Durango Sports Chiropractic, Owner

“Two years ago, team Ascent helped my business go paperless using Quick Books Online, Hubdoc and TSheets. This past year, we were entirely paperless, efficient and on-target.”

Catalyst, Ownership

Ascent has been professional, respectful, and responds in a timely fashion to all of our needs. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with such a wonderful company, Thank you Ascent Unlimited!

Catalyst, Staff

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