DIY Support Services

The DIY Support Services are built for the do-it-yourselfers in mind. Whether you’re the owner, or you have an office assistant doing it for you, we have you covered. Each service comes with one year of dedicated phone and email support – giving you access to our team of professionals. When something new comes up (which it will) you can confidently call the best QuickBooks Online Support team in the Southwest.

Most owners who purchase Diagnostic services are either new to QuickBooks Online and need some direction getting started or have been working in QuickBooks Online for a while and need help troubleshooting a problem or want to refine their recording processes. The most often diagnosed topics include:

  • Accounts don’t make sense
  • Income is much higher than expected
  • Entries have been recorded but don’t know what’s happened
  • Bank feeds aren’t working properly
  • Modifying report dates
  • Understanding and recording journal entries provided by tax accountants

To properly evaluate your situation and deliver insight appropriate for your situation, each service includes the following three stages:

  • Discovery: A one-on-one meeting where you expose all questions, concerns, and relevant information about your problem.
  • Investigation: Work performed by the Ascent team to investigate what went wrong and build a game-plan moving forward.
  • Delivery: One-on-one meetings where we deliver our findings and provide guidance for implementation.

Bonus! Delivery meetings are recorded and sent to you for future reference. This way you won’t forget what was discussed during our meeting. Sweet, huh?!

Following Delivery is Implementation. Generally, most owners who will implement our suggestions on their own. However, on occasion, owners will utilize our Tune-Up Services when the extra help is needed.

Most people utilize the Triple+ discount, allowing them to tackle three problems, issues, or questions. Don’t have three now? Not a problem, you can pre-buy diagnostics and bank them for later.

Diagnostic Services


  • Issues diagnosed
  • Initial discovery meeting
  • Certified Pro investigation
  • Delivery for each issue:
  • -What went wrong
  • -Steps to resolve
  • -Suggested training
  • Delivery meeting
  • – Recorded for future reference

Triple +

  • Three issues
  • 90 minutes
  • Triple
  • 90 minutes


  • Two issues
  • 60 minutes
  • Triple
  • 60 minutes


  • one issue
  • 30 minutes
  • Triple
  • 30 minutes

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