Did you know that 90% of organizations fail to execute a business plan? The primary reasons for failure include:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of leadership and
  • Using the wrong metrics

No matter what your size of business, whether you are a one-man-shop or a 500-employee corporation, a business plan is necessary to help you stay focused in managing your business. Businesses without a business plan often:

  • Lose sight of their core values
  • Deviate from their original purpose
  • Struggle to maintain or improve profits and
  • Effectively manage time (the only resource you can NEVER recover)

The business plan is your first step to:

  • Effectively communicate with employees, banks, marketers, lawyers, financial planners, tax accountants, etc.
  • Allocate resources (time, money, etc.)
  • Set benchmarks to gauge growth, evaluate your efforts, maximize profitability
  • Track actual growth to projections
  • Anticipate the future and
  • Work smarter not harder

With every service option below you will receive a business plan. We highly encourage you to share your plan with employees, funders, investors, customers, and anyone else interested in your business. Including all parties in your business vision will improve communication and is a catalyst for success!

Did you know that the business plan can be built with the help of your employees? Including your team stimulates creative thinking, collaboration, and gives them a ‘buy-in’ into your organization’s future. Your employees will take ownership of your plan which encourages team cooperation as you execute the plan and reduces employee turnover. Interested in a team-based business plan? Reach out to us today and we’ll fill you in on this highly valuable team-building investment.

Business Plan Advisory


  • Build a business plan
  • Articulate your mission statement
  • Identify problems offer solutions
  • Characterize ideal customer
  • Build targeted market channels
  • Profit assessment
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Set milestones for success
  • Forecast sales by source
  • Forecast profits and cash balances
  • Funding needs assessment
  • Track projections to actual
  • Milestone progress reporting
  • Real-time financial dashboard
  • Make informed decisions
  • Anticipate the future

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Build Projections

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“Very satisfied. Met with Ascent and in just one meeting they helped me re-strategize my vision to become a more successful business. I’m feeling confident about the future because of their advice. “

Durango Sports Chiropractic, Owner

“Two years ago, team Ascent helped my business go paperless using Quick Books Online, Hubdoc and TSheets. This past year, we were entirely paperless, efficient and on-target.”

Catalyst, Ownership

Ascent has been professional, respectful, and responds in a timely fashion to all of our needs. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with such a wonderful company, Thank you Ascent Unlimited!

Catalyst, Staff

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