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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.
Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

   – Winston Churchill

Our most basic services will get you by. Our reactive services will make you more aware. Our proactive services will make your dreams a reality.

It takes a strong person, and an even stronger leader, to trust in the expertise of others.  Ascent offers an expert’s perspective that will effectively help you achieve your goals.

Whether helping you start your business, strategize your next business decision, or being your on-call trusted advisor, you will find our advisory services both effective and invaluable.

Let’s talk about how Ascent can assist you in making dreams reality.

Advisory Services

You are a business owner, and often the ultimate decision maker in your business. Our advisory services have been built to give you the right information needed to help you make the important decisions easily. We provide several services for all sizes and ages of businesses. Whether you have the next best startup in mind or have been in business for 10+ years, we will help you be a more successful and profitable owner. Guaranteed.

Every initiative will be customized to you. Give us a call so we can build a service to match your unique needs.

Startup Advisory

Startup Advisory services are for businesses less than 10yrs in operations. You are most likely a first-time business owner and have a handful of questions about starting a business or you’re a tenured startup mastermind and want some insight into how this new business may affect you. We offer three affordable options giving you a crash-course in the most commonly asked about topics of starting and growing a startup business.

Start-up Advisory

Startup Advisory

  • 60min one-on-one consultation
  • Target profibility metrics
  • Income tax – what to know
  • Recordkeeping – what to know
  • Strategic planning
  • Cash management

Plan for Growth


Stay Compliant




Strategic Planning Advisory

Did you know that 90% of organizations fail to execute a strategic plan? The primary reasons for failure include:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of leadership and
  • Using the wrong metrics

No matter what your size of business, whether you are a one-man-shop or a 500-employee corporation, a strategic plan is necessary to help you stay focused in managing your business. Businesses without a strategic plan often:

  • Struggle to maintain or improve profits
  • Effectively manage time (the only resource you can NEVER recover)
  • Lose sight of their original purpose or stretch resources too thin

The strategic plan is your first step to:

  • Allocate resources (time, money, etc.)
  • Set benchmarks to gauge growth, evaluate your efforts, and maximize profitability
  • Communicate your plan with employees, banks, marketers, lawyers, etc.
  • Work smarter not harder

Strategic Planning Advisory

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning resources
  • Half-day planning session
  • One-year ultd phone/email support
  • Accountability sessions
  • Benchmark identification
  • Benchmark Tracking
  • Leadership training


  • Quarterly


  • Mid-year

Get Started


Business Coaching

Not sure what you need? Unaware of the help that is available? Do you just want to have the ability to bounce ideas around with professionals who have years of business-running experience? We’ve created our Business Coaching services with you in mind. Utilize our team to help bring piece of mind any time throughout the year.

Step-up or step-down in services at any time. Often, clients will change the level of coaching based on one-off initiatives which they seek help. Each of the recurring sessions is engineered to fit your specific needs.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

  • Unlimited phone/email access
  • Sessions with business coach
  • Targeted assignments after session


  • Bi-weekly


  • Monthly


  • Quarterly

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it… We can’t be experts in everything. You probably started your business because you’re an expert in your trade. My guess is you’re not an expert in running a business. So wouldn’t it make sense you hire a business coach who’s an expert in helping business owners run their business?

A lot happens in the course of a year. Heck, a lot happens in a week. A strategic plan is built when you’re clear-headed and focused on the future. Generally, we lose sight of this plan when in the daily grind. Often as early as the next day (for example… What did you have for lunch last Wednesday? If it was documented, you could tell me). The strategic plan set visions, missions, and goals to help us stay on track. This way when our head is immersed in the day-to-day, we can still, clearly, keep our eye on the prize.

  • You should pay yourself a wage that you’d expect to be paid if you were performing the work for someone else. For example, if you were paid a salary of $50,000 per year at your last job you should shoot to pay yourself approximately $24/hr for services charged to your clients. Note, this is not the hourly rate you bill for your services.
  • Your owner wage can be estimated as a percentage of your revenues. As a business grows the owner generally becomes less involved in the ‘doing’ function of business and more involved in the ‘planning’ and ‘management’ functions of the business. As a result, the owner’s compensation as a percentage of revenue deceases. For example:
    • Most one-man-shops would expect to pay the owner approximately 50% of revenues.
    • A business that sells $500k per year would expect to pay the owner as much as 35% of revenues.
    • A business that sells $1mill per year would expect to pay the owner as much as 10% of revenues.

Put money aside in a separate bank account every time you make a deposit. Do this for EVERY deposit you make. If you have good recordkeeping (ie bookkeeping) you can put as little as 15% aside. If you have poor recordkeeping you may have to put as much as 30% aside. Then NEVER touch this money except to make tax payments.

  • Improved recordkeeping (ie bookkeeping) will help you save in taxes therefore there’s less of a need to save money for taxes.

Benchmarking is the act of taking big-goals and shrinking them into small metrics that can be analyzed on a recurring basis. It is much easier for us to digest and accomplish smaller goals regularly throughout the year than to tackle one big goal once-a-year. For example:

  • If you want to sell $120,000 in widgets this year you need to sell $625 in widgets each day of the year (assuming four-day work weeks) which is $10,000 per month. Monitor daily sales, compare actual sales to expectations on the monthly, and if you’re ahead of the target then schedule some time-off… You’ve earned it! If below target, not a problem, just buckle down and do some extra marketing on Fridays. You’ve planned to work only four days per week, so you only need to add one day to generate sales and make up the difference. Who doesn’t like planning for weekends?!
  • Utilize google analytics and evaluate your conversion rate. How many people visit your site on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Of those looky-loos, how many give you a call (referred to as a lead)? Of those that give you a call, how many buy (referred to as a customer)? Develop an understanding for your conversion rate, plan your sales and proposal efforts accordingly, and make modifications to your marketing platforms to improve your conversion rate (essentially costing you less time, effort, and money per lead). More money for less work. Who doesn’t like that?!

“Very satisfied. Met with Ascent and in just one meeting they helped me re-strategize my vision to become a more successful business. I’m feeling confident about the future because of their advice. “

Durango Sports Chiropractic, Owner

“Two years ago, team Ascent helped my business go paperless using Quick Books Online, Hubdoc and TSheets. This past year, we were entirely paperless, efficient and on-target.”

Catalyst, Ownership

Ascent has been professional, respectful, and responds in a timely fashion to all of our needs. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with such a wonderful company, Thank you Ascent Unlimited!

Catalyst, Staff

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