“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Our most basic services will get you by. Our reactive services will make you more aware. Our proactive services will make your dreams a reality.

Ascent works to understand your specific needs and balances the finer details of today with your bigger picture goals of tomorrow. Properly recording your financial transactions will best prepare you for your future – so let Ascent take care of it for you!

With bookkeeping services ranging from recording transactions to reconciling ledger accounts, our team of professionals will assist in keeping your records in a way keep your business running smoothly so you can grow it with confidence.

We will do so in a way that is cost-effective, compliant, and informative. Guaranteed.

Contact us to discuss your bookkeeping needs and see how Ascent can best prepare you for success.

Bookkeeping is your recordkeeping function, like sales and marketing, is one of the necessary and pivotal functions in business.

  • It tracks customer payments which completes the sales cycle.
  • It pays your vendors, such as marketers and contractors, so you can operate.
  • It keeps documentation secure and retrievable for when you need it.
  • It sets the stage for accounting, which is evaluating trends and making projections, so you can anticipate growth or scale-back when needed.

Follow this chart to help clarify what you can expect. Contact us to help build a service customized for your unique needs.

Which business size are you?

We service…


  • # Employees
  • AR (Invoicing)
  • AP (bill pay)


  • 0-1
  • Simple
  • Simple

Small Biz

  • 2-5
  • Likely

Medium Biz

  • 6-10

Large Biz

  • 11-50


  • 50+

What are your likely needs?


  • Internal bookkeeping
  • Estimated annual cost
  • External bookkeeping
  • Estimated annual cost


  • DIY
  • 1 day/wk
  • Monthly
  • ~$500/mo.

Small Biz

  • Part-time
  • ~$27.5k/yr.
  • Bi-weekly
  • ~$1k/mo.

Medium Biz

  • Full-time
  • ~$53k/yr.
  • Weekly
  • ~$2k/mo.

Large Biz

  • Dept
  • ~$160k/yr.
  • Daily
  • ~$50k/yr.


  • Ddept
  • ~350k/yr.
  • Daily
  • ~$100k/yr.

Examples of Bookkeeping:

Monthly Reports Example

What is AR management?

What is AP management?

Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum, if you are a one-person-shop, you should expect to spend one full day a week on bookkeeping. The more appropriate question is:

  • What’s your day worth to you?
  • Any dollars spent on bookkeeping, less than what you value your days’ worth, is money well spent.

Because bookkeeping is recurring (and produces highly valuable information) it is one of the first tasks often delegated in business. When delegated:

  • Very simple businesses can get away with off-site bookkeeping as low as $75/week.
  • A small business can hire a part-time employee to perform these functions at $27.5k/yr + benefits.
  • An enterprise level businesses can spend as much as $350k/year on bookkeeping.
  • Yes, you can. Just know you are responsible for overseeing the bookkeeper. Inexpensive bookkeepers at $20/hr often lack the knowledge to identify errors within their work. Therefore, you are responsible for overseeing the bookkeeping and making corrections to their work when needed. If you are not an experienced accountant, as well as an expert in the software they do the bookkeeping in, you put yourself at risk… A potentially very costly risk.
  • Inexpensive bookkeepers can be a good option if they fit within your business’s operating plan. We suggest you speak with an accountant who can help you structure your system to accommodate a $20/hr bookkeeper AND teach you how to oversee their work OR be the oversight in your place.

We suggest you do a thorough cost/benefit analysis of your business.

A couple things to consider:

  • Do you need to report your income and deductions to the IRS?
  • What are the goods/services you sell and what’s the likelihood of legal issues?
  • Consider your future plans. Are you growing? Do you want to hire an employee?
    • If any of these answers are yes, then bookkeeping is a VERY good idea.
  • Give us a call. We can help you decide if it’s necessary for you or not.
Do a time assessment. This is how much time it takes. We’re professionals in the matter so we have tools and tactics that help us perform effective and accurante bookkeeping at an affordable rate. Let us manage the bookkeeping so you can manage your business.

Bookkeeping is truly the foundation for managing your business. It keeps everything in working-order. When built correctly, bookkeeping shows you how well your business is operating and delivers information that helps you make informed, conscious, and intentional decisions. It delivers peace-of-mind and intention behind everything you do.

Bookkeeping is the day-by-day recordkeeping and supports the accounting and decision-making functions.

Accounting is the accumulation of information to help you make better, informed decisions. Accounting often includes reporting and analyzing information to help you run your business.

Accountants often have the expertise to build an appropriate bookkeeping function unique to your business and will often oversee the bookkeeper’s work.

Does bookkeeping get in the way of you selling/running/growing your business? If the answer is yes, it’s time to hand-off the bookkeeping function.

We utilize select cloud-based tools to help us do our job. We’ll set you up with these systems. Often, you simply must forward emails, scan/upload documents, or take photos with your phone. It’s that simple!

“Very satisfied. Met with Ascent and in just one meeting they helped me re-strategize my vision to become a more successful business. I’m feeling confident about the future because of their advice. “

Durango Sports Chiropractic, Owner

“Two years ago, team Ascent helped my business go paperless using Quick Books Online, Hubdoc and TSheets. This past year, we were entirely paperless, efficient and on-target.”

Catalyst, Ownership

Ascent has been professional, respectful, and responds in a timely fashion to all of our needs. It’s a joy and pleasure to work with such a wonderful company, Thank you Ascent Unlimited!

Catalyst, Staff

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